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Uproot (late-stage development)

Uproot is about a man from Ecuador who purchased an island in the Amazon to save endangered primates. More than 180 monkeys are living with him on the island and now, he must translocate several troops two-hours downriver to Yasuní National Park, one of the world’s last remaining high-biodiversity forests.  This is an extremely risky conservation project that’s never been done and new oil concessions in the park are getting in the way of the release.




Métis: notre culture, nos histoires

French hybrid animated documentary series

Broadcaster: TFO

A 15-episode animated documentary series about the French Métis Culture in Ontario




About Kannon

Kannon Films is a full service independent production house that explores new forms of storytelling through fiction and non-fiction works. We specialize in both TV/Film productions, as well as creative web series. We also have a corporate department where we produce branded and editorial content. 

Our offices are located in Ottawa (Canada) and New York City (United States). 

Our work has been featured in the Great Big Story, Univison, The Guardian, OZY, AJ+, Newsweek, IBT Media, Medical Daily, Pear Video, Transterra Media, and more. Some of our clients also include Amazon Web Services, TFO, Neurotracker, No Hype Media, Challenger Tour, Avitalsa, Jivamukti, Fiumi Studios, True Film Productions, and SHIIFT.

“We are dedicated to tell innovative stories that educate, influence and entertain different audiences.”
— Émilie Martel

What we do









We think about cool and innovative ideas and put it on paper.


We point our cameras and lights, and say action.


We Create something awesome with the footage we have.


We deliver something unique and wow our clients.

Kids and Family


Storytelling for brands is the corporate Branch of Kannon Films. We focus on branded social media video content that will increase your organic traffic.

Social media is the fastest growing segment of marketing and brands need to focus on branded-driven social video campaigns. -- It’s effective! Branded video content should be entertaining, visually captivating, authentic and between one and two minutes.

...People only share what connects them emotionally. What surprises them. What engages them.


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